Thursday, November 08, 2007


Maybe others have heard about this and just haven't told me yet, but did you know there's going to be a new daily in town? And their business model (if Wikipedia is correct) looks promising to say the least? (that first link won't work until tomorrow, sorry)

Anyway, it's going to be a non-profit, spending more than half their budget on reporting, as opposed to the 15 percent or so major newspapers spend. It looks like it will be web-based for the most part, but that a print version will be "distributed during the lunch hour to high-traffic locations".

This is surely a step in the right direction. Most of the crap you read online these days isn't news, it's people bitching and moaning about the news. There's a reason blogs like this one are frowned upon - it's just recycled trash, amplified. I mean, it's not like I "broke" this story or anything. I didn't do any on-the-ground research, let alone fact-checking. I just heard about MinnPost (on another blog, duh), Google-searched, read a few things, and now I'm letting you know about it. I don't care about journalistic integrity. But the pile of journalists they have onboard for this project do, and that's why I'm excited. It's all about the reporting, something that has been lacking in this town for a long time.

Here's another good post on MinnPost.

Oh, and the Rake has coverage too!

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