Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Okay, I know you're expecting me to drop some science about how the Wolves are doing so far. Wrong, I do that at Britt's blog, which people actually read.

But I totally scored the best tickets I have ever gotten in my life last night!

I get the call. It's 4:45 p.m. Brian calls me, he's like, "yo, I know you're a Wolves fan, I'm sittin' on 2 free tix, you want 'em?" Of course I do! So I call my boy Luke, who happens to be in Dinkytown, the location of the tickets, and he picks them up. He stops over, and we hop on the #4 downtown to the Target Center.

So we're 2 blocks from Target Center - as we're approaching, some dude behind us is like "tickets?" Normally I just ignore these people, since I've always had tickets when I'm going to games. But I was a little curious, so I was like "how much?"

"50 each"

Now, there's no way I'm dropping 50 bucks on a Wolves game, especially against the Magic, unless the seats are courtside and I'm sitting between two cheerleaders.

Me and Luke keep walking, then scalper dude says "I could do $40"

Luke and I pause, and dude knows we're thinking about it. We've got nosebleed seats. Man it would be nice to sit close. First thing I look for: does the ticket look legit? Yep - bar code, perforations, nice looking photo of Craig Smith on the front, correct date and opponent. Face value? $125. Lower level, row D. That means 4 rows up from the court, which would make it the closest I've ever sat at a game. Face value of our current tickets: $20. I don't have 40 bucks with me, and I'm not sure Luke does either. Oh well.

"Okay, both of them for $40"

Damn, it's about 10 minutes before tipoff, at which point those tickets become VERY cheap. 20 bucks is the money I brought for a beer and a hotdog, but I'm willing to go hungry for great seats. So the deal goes down.

Turned out to be a GREAT decision - they were 4 rows up, about 50 feet from the middle of the court - a great view of the game, best I've ever had. The Wolves lost, but man it was worth it. I could yell at the players and they could hear me! I was within spittin' distance of MN celebrities Darren Sharper and Bryant McKinnie! I could've ordered food and drink from a dude dressed like a waiter instead of Wally the Beerman (if I had any money left, that is)! Also, for the record, you can never really tell how chiseled some of these athletes are until you see them up close. Even the skinny guys are buff. I think Rashad McCants had muscles growing on top of other muscles or something, too bad he got hurt in the first quarter...

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