Thursday, October 04, 2007

Google Suggest Entertainment

It's something I thought about doing or posted about awhile ago, but never really followed through on: the interesting things people are searching for using Google Suggest. Here's what Slate has to say on the candidates:
Wives matter: People want to get to know Elizabeth Kucinich. When you type "dennis kucinich" into Google Suggest, you learn that more people are searching for "dennis kucinich wife" than "dennis kucinich for president." What do they want to know about her? According to the suggestion results for her name, people are looking for "pictures," "photos," "age," "hot," and "tongue." (It's pierced.) The Republican field has a woman of choice, too: Three of the top 10 search queries after "fred thompson" are wife-related. The query "joe biden wife," however, doesn't appear until the candidate's 10th result. Ouch.

Soft spots: Some search suggestions point out a candidate's weaknesses. "John McCain age" is up there, as is "john edwards house" and "john edwards suv." Joe Biden's search slate is pretty clean, save for the seventh suggestion, "joe biden plagiarism." It's a sad commentary on Chris Dodd's campaign that one of the most common Dodd queries is "chris dodd fly," which takes you to a video of the senator debating with a bug on his head.
How else can we have fun with Google Suggest? Try it with anything! For example, if you type "I can't believe", you'll get:
I can't believe it's not butter
I can't believe I ate the whole thing
I can't believe it's vegan
I can't believe I'm still single
I can't believe it's not rock

"What is the" is also a fun one, though you may have to add a letter after the just to get a little deeper into the search. Some are obviously tampered with by some internet force (websites? Crossword puzzles?):
What is the total number of lost jedi that have voluntarily renounced their commissions in the jedi order
What is the response time for selected sharp aquos® making it the perfect hdtv for watching sports
What is the legal drinking age in poland
What is the alcohol content in pure vanilla extract
What is the first year that diana ross performed at the super bowl half time show

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