Monday, April 09, 2007

Good morning, sunshines!

Good morning all you beautiful people out there in internet-land! You sure are lookin' good today, that's for sure. Damn.

First order of business this morning: look at a new blog. It's called War is Boring. Lots of stuff on East Timor, which I know next to nothing about. Until that wiki article, I guess. And for all you wikipedia haters ("OMG! Anyone can edit this, which means it's all lies!"), there are, as of this posting, 73 referenced articles linked to by that page. Yes, some of them are better sources than others, but it's not like people are just making stuff up.

Also, there's an article in Business Weak about teh m3sSaG3 b0aRdZ! It's about how a few different boards I visit moderate their comments to actually make them useful. Good moderation is like the anti-GIFT. Most message boards are filled with people who are raving idiots, spewing all sorts of vitriol on any topic you can imagine. But with the beauty of moderation, those idiots are read by fewer and fewer people, and the "smart" comments rise to the top. Which is why it's not the ARTICLES on /. that are worth reading, it's the comments, once you set your personal threshold high enough.

Okay, okay, get back to work!

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