Monday, April 09, 2007

Things to read and watch

When I get a free moment, here's what I'm going to be reading about today:

Long New Yorker piece on Wolfie and the World Bank.

The American Prospect takes aim at Robert Rubin. I like Rubin (I just read his autobiography a few months ago), and from the enormous strawman they're building in the first part of the article ("A man of nimble intellect, self-effacing charm, and professed concern for America's downtrodden, Rubin functions as what once would have been called a power broker. But that label doesn't attach to Rubin, because he is so seemingly public-minded, so socially liberal, and so genuinely nice."), it'll be fun to watch them blow it down.

I've already read this piece on 4th Generation Warfare probably a half-dozen times, but I'll read it again.

The Economist has a cover story on a "new" generation of MNCs.

And watch Thomas Barnett, Richard Dawkins, Chris Anderson, and other smart people speak at Poptech!

Of course, many of these articles come via slate's "magazine week in review". Honestly, the Newsweek and Time articles look good too, but I tend to ignore those out of habit.

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