Friday, April 06, 2007

Don't forget!

Lots of other bloggers do fun things on Fridays. Like posting pictures of their cats, babies, lunch, dirty diapers, or whatever have you. I'm going to attempt a theme as well, only because it's been popping up more and more recently: forgotten websites!

Yes, every Friday, you, gentle reader, will be treated to a website that I damn near forgot, yet remains funny or informative or witty. The best part is: since I forgot them, now I can go through the archives and find the best stuff.

Anyway, this week's website: b3ta!!! It's mainly aimed at our friends in the UK, but there's plenty of hilarious stuff up. The image challenge and question of the week are great if you need to take a quick break at work (if you dig through the archive, it sorts by "best entries first", which is nice), while the "Fun Shit" and quizzes and stuff like that is probably best left to home-based browsing. I mean, you don't want your boss to catch you playing "Female or Shemale" or listening to the cutest song about the cutest kittens, do you? AWKWARD....

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