Thursday, March 01, 2007

You're wondering...

Why is Anton so cranky in the past few days? Why is he not answering his phone? Does he not like me?

The answer, dear friends and acquaintances, is that I'm rolling out a Blackberry Enterprise Server at work. It is a pain in the ass and I'm the only tech person here for the week. It involves taking down the OLD server, which didn't really work that great, and installing the new software. Sounds simple, right? Not the case. At all. I've spent countless hours with their tech support and opened and closed more support tickets than I can keep track of. While this is going on, of course, I have to deal with attorneys who are upset that they cannot check their email in the middle of a cab ride or something. "I have to use a computer to check email? Is this the stone age or something?"

Okay no one actually said that to me, but I know they're thinking it. I don't talk shit about work in my blog because I just assume one day someone will find it and use it against me somehow. This job has become pretty consuming in the past few months though, which probably means I'm going to take some sort of drastic action soon. I usually talk about topics that I actually enjoy, but today I just needed to vent. Hope all is well with you, darling blog reader.

EDIT: You know who always cheers me up at work? Carolyn. I don't talk to her all that often, yet she's probably my favorite attorney here. She's patient, smart, understanding, and actually listens instead of "waiting for my turn to talk". The world needs more people like her. Thanks, Carolyn!

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