Thursday, March 01, 2007

Old school

First of all - full disclosure: I know what you're doing. My statcounter allows me to see a few things about you, namely your operating system, your web browser, what time you visited, and what city you're probably in (sometimes). Oh, and also if you clicked a link on another page to get here, I can see that. No one links to me so that's rare.

Most of my visitors are from Minneapolis, so I can't really distinguish between who is who. I know when Kelly visits, because when I check my statcounter (which is rare), she's from Portland (though it could also be Evan), and I feel guilty for not writing a thank-you for her gift of egg. I've also been meaning to mail her back her iRiver. I also can guess that my mom reads my blog, because which one of my friends owns a Mac and surfs the internet on a weekday at 6 a.m.? Geez, mom, I'm not writing anything THAT important!

Why did I start this tangent? Oh yes! I decided to check my statcounter today, to spy on people. I had the strangest visitor, and maybe you will only think this is cool if you're into computers like me but whatever. This person was from Boston, on a dial-up. They were running an outdated version of Firefox (upgrade to 2.0 people, you'll love it!), and Windows Millenium Edition. Windows ME is probably the worst operating system in the history of Windows. I don't know of ANYONE who runs it, and Microsoft discontinued support for it last year.

But here's the kicker, and maybe someone can explain this to me: this person was brought to my site by entering the following in google: "movie frito ipod billion dollar bill". WHAT IS THIS PERSON LOOKING FOR?? I'd like to know in case they come back to my blog ever (doubtful), and then I can tell them.

Also, please don't stop coming to my blog just because I can semi-stalk you. Stop by at weird hours and use strange web browsers and operating systems. I like it. I write this blog for you and I love you. In fact, if you love attention (and you know you do), post a comment and that way I can feel all warm and fuzzy when you visit. Maybe I'll even write a blog post about you if you get on my good side. Cheers!


carson said...

I love that people actually go to page 10 while searching for "Bob Barker Retirement." It's funny that people don't have anything better to do, not so humorous that I don't make page 1 news however.

Kelly A said...

Have you hit anyone in the face with the egg yet?