Thursday, March 01, 2007

yes and no

Yes - I walked home from work today. In the blizzard. That's a bit more than 20 blocks for those playing along at home.

No - I was not passed by a single bus. The bus stop at 7th and Hennepin was packed wall-to-wall, and the only bus I saw while I waited 10 minutes there was already full.

Yes - I stopped at the liquor store on my way home.

No - I promise not to drink this entire 6-pack within the hour.


Anonymous said...

If you would have called me . . .
Gen Mills sent us home about 1 PM Thursday and I wondered if you'd be stuck downtown. I stopped for cranberry juice on the way home then helped shoveled our sidewalk. Talked about the weather with your grandma last night. She's sounding housebound and skipped choir practice Wed not wanting to inconvenience Sister MaryAnn due to road conditions.
Gen Mills closed today too, so call if you don't go to work and I'll buy you a donut and coffee at Wuollets. Mom

reetsyburger said...

Yes - I found your blog through CityPages.

No - I don't ride the bus.

Yes - I ride the lightrail.

Yes - I saw 8 people riding their bikes during the blizzard yesteday.