Thursday, August 26, 2004

SCO, Bob Dole, Abu Ghraib

As per usual, groklaw is doing a great job of covering the whole SCO v. IBM stuff. I just read an interesting article about how "Linux doesn't exist" according to SCO, because it is "just an unlicensed version of Unix".

Apparently, Bob Dole has been called upon to go after the veteran vote (WaPo - reg. required) for the RNC. I didn't know the RNC was still employing people with credibility! I just think back to 1996...I'm sure everyone remembers the outrage over Bob Dole's self-inflicted wounds:

Kerry not hospitalized for his wounds? Bob Dole was not hospitalized for his first Purple Heart either.

"It was just a scratch," he later recalled. "I think one of our grenades hit a tree and bounced back." He received a Bronze Star, but that came much later, and was a bureaucratic exercise having little to do with his service as a platoon leader in the extraordinary 10th Mountain Division on April 14, 1945, the day his war ended, in Italy.

I don't really have a substantial opinion on Dole, but from what I've read (here and elsewhere), he seems like a likable fellow with a good head on his shoulders, not at all like the thugs that pass for Republicans these days.

Abu Ghraib is still on the map...Dahlia Lithwick (of Slate fame) is writing op-eds for the NYT this month, and she's got the eloquence thing pretty well nailed-down.

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