Wednesday, August 25, 2004

More Induce Act, JibJab, Swift Boat

Slashdot has plenty of new info on the upcoming Induce Act...I won't have time today to click every link, but maybe I will later...lots of good info here, including how the Grokster decision could affect the bill.

Jibjab wins! After getting legal help from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, JibJab won their pre-emptive lawsuit, because Woody Guthrie's song "This Land is Your Land" is in public domain. If you've been living under an internet rock and haven't seen the parody, click the link, it's really quite funny.

If you're looking for ammo against the Swift Boat Vets, be sure to check Eschaton...check the archives over the past two weeks...I can't believe these vets are still getting ANY play on mass media! Repubs just need to sustain this until the upcoming RNC, methinks. They certainly don't have any actual ISSUES to run on.

From NYTimes (registration required...or
The Bush campaign's top outside lawyer, who said on Tuesday that he had given legal advice to the group of veterans attacking Senator John Kerry's Vietnam War record, today said he was resigning from the campaign because his activities were becoming a "distraction" to Mr. Bush' re-election efforts.

That's enough for now...more later

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