Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's that time of the year

Unless you've been living without access to a modern source of information, you know that right now is a very special time in sports. The most graceful, refined athletes on the planet are now switching allegiances in a bizarre power play inspired by the NBA trade deadline.

First, I'm a bit sad that one of my favorite franchises (as of late) has been officially dismantled. If you want a few reasons why they've become my favorite, check out this article. Brendan Haywood, a world-class asshole who could defend any center in the league. Caron Butler, aka Tuff Juice, who chewed straws by the truckload and at one point was certifiably addicted to Mountain Dew. Even DeShawn Stevenson, the worst player of the three, managed to get under Lebron's skin for a playoff series and then promptly drop off the face of the earth.

Then today, the other shoe drops. Jamison is also gone. While he may not be as playfully quirky as the others, he's got style all his own. His game features the most unorthodox shots at the basket, like playing against that old guy at the gym who keeps posting you up and then does some kind of behind-the-head whirling dervish move that surprises you every time and you just can't stop it. The one good thing is that he's headed for Cleveland, so I'll get to watch Antawn in the playoffs again, where he belongs.

Oh, and the Wolves traded our own old-guy-at-the-gym, Brian Cardinal, for a player who has already stated he's not going to play in the NBA next year. Not sure what that really does for us, but we get a free look at a guy who couldn't even get played on a bad Knicks team.

As always when I write, I'm kicking myself for posting without proofreading, and I'm kicking myself for not posting more anyway. Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm still following hoops. Even without cable :(

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