Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A billion tiny links

Oh man. You are in for a treat, as I have resolved to update my blog today. But I must do it before national night out, so let's jump right in. We'll warm up with some geeky stuff, then slowly progress toward nerdy topics and finish things off with some dorky links.

I just discovered (okay, like a month ago) an awesome show on Revision3 (lots of tech-oriented webcasts) called Hak5. It is awesome. I've learned so many nifty tips, from networking to pentesting to configuring servers and getting some walkthroughs on software. Dig through the archives and you're sure to find an informative way to waste time.

Also, you know that right now you're carrying around some RFID cards, right? They're in everything these days, from credit cards to building access cards to passports, etc. Well some hacker at Defcon set up a little RFID reader to pull data off of those cards, and I guess it spooked the Feds. They don't like it when people tamper with their Fed-stuff. These readers are (relatively) simple to make, and I might try it for an upcoming project, except Deal Extreme is out of lots of their RFID stuff at the moment. Speaking of deals, hit that site up for tons of cheap gadgets, most with free shipping.

Anyway, I'm also considering making an RFID-blocking wallet, like this one for sale.

Neighbors at war. Part Two.

Choose your own apocalypse.

Musicians and their Sesame Street appearances.

Top Ten DIY projects that harness the power of the sun.

Okay, that was a bit shorter than I planned, but that's enough links for now. Keep it soooo soooo real.

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