Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitstream Underground

So obviously I should weigh in with something substantive on the Iranian elections, right? Props to twitter for postponing some scheduled downtime, by the way. Or perhaps on the important retrial taking place just blocks away from my work? Nope, not gonna do it, since I've covered all your bases with those links.

If limited characters aren't your thing, there's a few good places to find info. In addition to following the feeds above, I've been reading The Lede at the NYTimes, which has fairly regular updates. I've also been using the CIA World Factbook to compare the demographics and geography of Iran to other countries, which is a bit crude but also enlightening.

As for the RIAA trial, you can find all the filed docs here, and find some good coverage here. Cell phones aren't allowed in the courtroom, so tweets and blog posts are few so far. Sounds like this jury is a bit more tech-savvy than the one 2 years ago - Jammie Thomas also has a new law firm representing her, which seems like a bit of a wild card.

I never really got into or liked twitter until the last couple of days. I still wouldn't say I'm into it, but it's getting easier for me to extrapolate info and separate wheat from chaff in my head.

Also, I turned on the ads again - just testing something. I'll probably turn them off in a few days.

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