Saturday, June 06, 2009


Of course we get 5 beautiful weekdays and then it rains on the weekend. It's cool though, rainy days aren't all bad.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to inform you of an awesome resource for Minneapolis bikers - Cyclopath! What an awesome name. Anyway, it's pretty much like Google's driving directions, except it focuses on bikers. It's an ongoing project by a U of MN student. All you do is type in your starting and ending points, and it gives you the best route to bike on.

It makes really great use of tags, as well. Riders can tag certain areas ("bike lane" or "hill" for example) and you can add a bonus or penalty (or eliminate altogether) for certain tags. Make sense? So if you can add weight to roads that have bike lanes or eliminate roads that are closed. I'm really impressed by this project, and highly recommend checking it out. Now I have an awesome route to Grand Old Day tomorrow, assuming it's not going to rain again.


. : k : . said...

ah! that cyclopath website is awesome! i dont know why i didn't know about it yet. thank you.

. : k : . said...
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