Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Geeks only

There's a new browser. A Google Browser. Here's the comic book explanation. WARNING: VERY LENGTHY. More later.

EDIT: Update - it's full of great ideas. Many of the stability issues that people have with web browsers can be fixed by using the firefox plugin NoScript, which turns off Javascript except for sites you specifically allow...of course, this means you rarely crash or get malware installed, but it also means you miss out on lots of cool stuff on the web! Anyway, Google Chrome isn't available until 1:00 p.m. today (CST), so I'll have to occupy myself until then somehow.

And yes, at first it will be "just a browser" but it really gives developers better flexibility so I expect this to have its greatest impact long-term.


Anonymous said...

the fact that you're blogging lead me to believe you aren't one of these folks arrested at the rnc. I'm surprised at you, getting soft in your old age?


antonymous said...

All my days off are allocated towards an upcoming trip to Italy. So yes. Honestly, there were a ton of cool political events going on this weekend in Mpls, but they weren't violent or windy enough to be covered by CNN. Well, aside from the 30 cops raiding a movie night gathering due to a "fire code violation". epic lolz. mofiba4life

carson said...

Also in mention of republicans and your area, I would have thought to see you blog about these;


The 'make an effort' videos are hilarious.

And I would like to request an explanation of your Italy trip. Go to a Juve game for me.

antonymous said...

On a completely related note, Carson may wish to know that one Nick Knudson is moving to San Diego. Not sure where he's going to live yet, but he got a job for some animation firm down there and is flying out today.

carson said...

You really didn't address my comment, but I guess I didn't really address your browser post. I don't know about browsers other than microsoft owning.