Thursday, September 04, 2008

Best recap

Missed last night's big speeches due to Serena/Venus or the Twins heartbreaking loss or the desire to not want to gouge your ears out? Yeah, me too. So you're probably thinking you can catch up with a combination of mainstream media and political blogs, right? WRONG. You need to catch up on the greatest basketball blog going:
Great. That woman knows her family's names, is a friend of parents with retarded children, went to high school, is a bitch (sorry, "pitbull with lipstick"), hates a media that's refused to let her write her own script, and hates community organizers. That was Palin's "star is born" turn—one that proved, incidentally, that with enough applause lines, and rabid reaction that turns most of the other lines into applause lines, anyone can give a cohesive speech. Like using your baptism to pass a swim test. Bush is an imbecile, but at least he had a smart father. There's nothing here. A trashy hockey mom and her sidekick, the shell of a major political figure running on his ability to withstand torture. Which, if that's the measure of character, says a hell of a lot about our enemies in the war on terror.
These people are vindictive, small-minded, stupid, arrogant, lazy, and manipulative liars. How they can be so hateful, venomous, and foolhardy, and then blast the Dems for not respecting them, is beyond me. I could give a fuck less about them, no matter how small their towns are, how virtuous they are, or how much they value weaponry (which I am currently stocking up on, thank you very much). Nor do I have any sympathy for someone out a job, or low on gas money, or having problems with insurance, if those speeches didn't repel them.

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carson said...

I watched a bit, more Guiliani (sp?) than the newest VP picks speech. What still troubles me is that when the word 'religion' is mention an entire stadium of people erupt in applause. If I were in that crowd I would have strangled myself, or at least thrown myself to the ground to be trampled.
But on the other hand I did say last night that without the gay hating, pro life craziness, and the whole religious aspect, I might actually be a republican by now.