Friday, November 30, 2007

It's almost time

I think it's high time to take this blog thing into the stratosphere. And how am I going to do that? Another blog!

You heard me correctly people. I'm going to start another blog, this one dedicated to nothing but hoops. I can guarantee you one thing: it will be awesome as hell, but it won't be part of this particular site. I'll still keep tech news and some personal stuff and international relations stuff on this blog, but sometimes I have the urge to write for hours on the NBA.

My question to you: if you were going to start a basketball site that combined insightful commentary with insane ramblings, what would you name it?


carson said...

take it to the bloop.

Jason said...

It's just a game

carson said...

anton mcblogee's ten point shot.

Anonymous said...

Why stick to just the NBA when Tubby Smith is working magic on the Gophers? What does a winning coach say and do that turns mediocre players into a winning team! Like Bat Girl, you can make up imaginary conversations that he has with his players. So there's a blogging name idea: No, not ball boy, but name it after the guy who hands the players towels, water, etc. Shows you how much I know about bb! I vote for Goferguy.