Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stupid college kids and the bus

Seriously, you saw me running after that bus this morning. I know you're waiting for a different bus, but mine was stopped, the light was red, and I'm clearly trying to get to that bus.

And don't get me wrong, I've got wheels. Sure I was a little tired after staying up for that thrilling baseball game last night, but I can seriously fly down the sidewalk, almost keeping pace with the morons who shop at the Wedge and think that gives them a free pass to bike on the sidewalk. (It doesn't. Walk your bike a few feet so you are clear of people and if you freak me out by yelling "on your left" while I'm walking down the sidewalk I will hunt you down, spray you with pesticides, and poke holes in your bongo drums)

Anyway, for 8 college-bound students, you have the collective empathy of a bag of hammers. None of you, who are all standing in plain view of the driver and who can all see me as well, can even attempt to convey this information to him. Sure, 3 of you had the telltale white headphones in, letting me know that you could not bear to burden your ears with the sounds or realities of city life.

I was about 10 feet away when the light turned green, and as that bus pulled away, I seriously considered whether I should take you all to task for not helping me out, but I guess I didn't learn too much about helping people at college either, so you're not really to blame. It's probably a 5000-level course or something.


carson said...

I haven't seen clerks 2 yet, but I heard it sucks almost as much as inconsiderate college kids.

antonymous said...

I actually just watched Clerks 2, and was quite entertained. It's pretty much the same type of humor as the first one, but the references are updated.

Also, I decided to leave Jersey Girl off this poll, so sorry to anyone who might have actually seen that movie. The only one I haven't seen is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but I think I'm going to watch it later this week.