Monday, October 01, 2007

Padres vs. Rockies

Wow. Amazing game between the Padres and the Rockies. I seriously can't believe I got to watch the last few was a one-game playoff for who gets to make it to the playoffs...the Rockies pitcher in the 13th was totally wild, and gave up a 2-run homer. Rockies stormed back to win in the bottom of the inning...

But wait!

He never touched the plate! He was out on the slide! Seriously scandalous! Perfect positioning by the catcher...there should be 2 outs and a runner on second, not the Rockies going to the playoffs!! Holliday (the baserunner) played it perfectly though - he was hit in the face by his own batting helmet, stunning himself, and not allowing him to make a move towards the plate. The umpire figured he touched the plate since he couldn't make a move to go back for it, and called him safe! But really, the Rockies were the hot team...they won 13 out of 14 just to get to that game, so it's pretty hard to fault them. Ouch...does baseball need an instant replay? ESPN pundits decide in the morning!!

Also, regarding my previous post, I spoke too soon. I was hoping to put that nice little Google Pack ad up, but Google is not cooperating. I advise checking back later to this very blog, as opposed to searching for it yourself, which wastes valuable time.

Also, look for this clip on Youtube in the morning and judge for is great for its drama, and while this clip doesn't do the game justice, it's clearly the play of the game.

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