Thursday, October 04, 2007

NY Times - playing games with my heart

Okay, the Times is clearly trying to win me back. First of all, you can now read their op-ed columnists for free online, rather than paying money to join TimesElite or whatever it was called.

Second, they do a little review on the emergence of Linux on the desktop. Aside from proprietary codecs, Ubuntu is clearly the most ready-to-go out of the box distribution I've ever seen. As hardware prices continue to plummet, the relative cost of Windows will only increase, especially when you combine that with the ho-hum release of Windows Vista. Someday people will wonder why we ever paid for software at all...

Third, they do a great review of the OLPC laptop. 400 bucks can get me one of these things, plus one for a child somewhere (and a tax write-off to boot)...sounds like a deal. Of course, people use computers for many different things, but if you are only using this to access information (as opposed to, say, using photoshop or playing games), it could easily be a cool little gizmo.

I'd like to at least get my hands on one before plunking down 400 bucks though...the screen has some new technology which will allow it to be viewed in direct sunlight, which I really have to see to believe.

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