Thursday, September 13, 2007


If you couldn't tell from my incessant yapping about the NBA, I'm a big fan. Most people who read my blog, like Jason in Chi-town, couldn't care less.

But the news that Greg Oden, the #1 overall pick of this year's draft, has undergone microfracture surgery, is not good. I was *really* looking forward to watching the Blazers this year. They've got so many young players who are fun to watch. I was debating who would become my third-favorite team: the Blazers or the Sonics. Even without Oden, Portland has plenty of potential, but it looks like we won't see them at full strength for a couple of years...


Anonymous said...

It's not that i don't care, I just don't follow it. I like to learn little bits about it, it helps me to bounce things off people who love it. Make me seem all smart like.


antonymous said...

Dammit, Jason, just admit you hate things!!! HATER! Keep drinking that haterade, dawg. fa real