Monday, August 20, 2007


Banks must actually be motivated to get on top of the online theft - I just got a call from mine within 15 minutes of placing an order online through Newegg (a reputable computer dealer), asking me to verify an amount that I normally shouldn't be spending on computer equipment. For the record, I needed 2 gigs of RAM, a 400 gig hard drive, and a TV-tuning card (since my actual TV is much smaller than my monitor). Total cost - about 200 bucks, which really isn't too bad, now that I think about it. I bought the cheapest available HD and RAM, and a TV-tuner which is a couple of steps above low-end. Seriously - why would I get one that doesn't have composite as well as coax inputs? I'm just doing my part to widen the analog hole, a term that sounds funny when you say it out loud. The same components would have cost me about twice that a year ago, especially considering my compy has DDR2 RAM.

Justification: I also want to start dabbling in sound and video editing (read: mashups) so I need the storage space plus RAM. I'll dish out some links when I have some material.

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carson said...


DJ Lobsterdust is doing some funny mashups. And the Soulwax e-talking video on youtube is hilarious.

Also just got my presale ween tickets for San Diego in Nov. Fuck Yeah!