Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Awesome but geeky news

Okay, okay. You've all heard the big announcement today from Adobe, so let's just settle down a bit, shall we?

What big announcement? ARE YOU SERIOUS??

Okay, just kidding. Adobe's Flash Player now supports the H.264 codec (semantics aside, a codec basically is the type of compression a video uses - MPEG, DIVX, AVI are codecs more or less), which has been used by Apple for some time in their own Quicktime suite. If you download video from the iTunes store, it's encoded with H.264. And when Apple released the iPhone, they struck a deal with YouTube to provide content using the H.264 codec, instead of the crappy codec that is workable with Adobe's Flash Player 9.

So basically the content on YouTube could get a WHOLE LOT clearer, should they decide to flip the switch - watching YouTube full-screen might not be the pixellated nightmare it currently is. Sure, it's no DiVX (one of the best codecs out there), but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Hooray!!

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