Saturday, August 25, 2007

Twins haters

Seriously, whoever is hating on the Twins right now needs to stop. It seems like everywhere I turn, I'm reading another article about how if the Twins young pitching improves, we can contend in a couple of years. Invariably, they also question why Torii Hunter is still on this team, when we could've traded him for a handful of magic beans which might turn into a baseball player someday.

Here's why: There's 34 games left. 7 of those games are against the division-leading Cleveland Indians. We're 5.5 games behind them. Why are people giving up and resigned to this future-talk? It's baseball - teams get hot, and you can never see it coming. Do you really think Morneau is going to have another HR slump like the one he broke last night? And that Mauer is going to hit under .300 forever? And that Rondell White is going to finish the season with only 1 HR? NO! Sure, we made a mistake by trading away Castillo, but we can overcome out shortsightedness! Keep the faith, y'all

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