Friday, August 24, 2007


If you're a geek and haven't been reading XKCD (linked on the sidebar), your geek-card may be revoked. The past couple of weeks have produced some gems (today's isn't that great though).

And, in more "normal person" is the day of the FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT. I'm picking 5th out of 12, which I'm actually not too psyched about - the top 3 (LT, Stephen Jackson, and Larry Johnson) will surely be gone, and I don't really like Frank Gore (fumbles) or Shaun Alexander (not the same since the injury and signing of Hutchinson by the Vikes). I'll probably go with Addai or Rudi Johnson, or I might reach and take Peyton with the pick. The draft is also reverse-order for every other round, so I get a middle pick about every time, which isn't all that bad I guess. I'll post my final roster this afternoon...

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