Monday, April 02, 2007


Sounds like someone has a case of the mondays! I got in to work, not realizing that I'd gotten 2 separate 8 a.m. text messages from my boss saying "OMG, the database is down, save us!". Fortunately, the second one (sent 5 minutes after the first) said "Nevermind". Whew.

Big news in the geek community is that EMI has agreed to drop their DRM from Apple's iTunes store. They'll cost $.30 more, but you'll be able to play them in most mp3 players (even lame ones!), not just iPods. They will also be of higher quality (256 Kbps), and I'm also presuming that you'll be able to transfer the files freely. These won't be mp3s, per se, as Apple is still sticking with the AAC format - most newer mp3 players will play those files. FYI, mp3s require royalty payments for all distributed content, whereas AAC only requires a patent license to create and distribute the AAC codecs.

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