Friday, April 13, 2007

Bush bashing

However, before I start, I think I'll throw out a link I'll be reading, and some accompanying comments.

You know, as crazy as it is that Bush and some of his buddies are currently mired in scandal, I can't help but wonder: why now? It doesn't make sense to me - I don't see where they've lost their way.

I mean, administration policy has been to talk loudly, stay on message, don't answer questions that may stray from message. Plant seeds of doubt which people can latch onto. You get to pick which justification for the war sounds best:

1. Are you an easily-brainwashed sheep who is capable of repeating things after hearing them enough? You may enjoy the "Saddam + 9/11" story. While unverifiable, the VP used both phrases in the same sentence numerous times, so you can too!

2. Do you trust certain people implicitly? Did you think that Colin Powell might have been the real "good guy" who was capable of telling the truth? In honor of your naivety, you may enjoy option #2: WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Yes, those fuzzy images could be trucks. And yes, those random objects inside look VERY sinister. A mobile weapons lab, you say? Good god!! And Mr. Powell, what is that vial you're holding up? You're saying you could kill us all with that vial? I thought we haven't been sending vials to Iraq because of the sanctions, but you're saying they might have vials of mass destruction??

3. Were you misled into believing that the administration has a grand geopolitical strategy (aside from making money)? Then you might like the "spread democracy" theory. The theory goes like this: Topple Saddam. Let people vote. Apply purple ink to thumbs of citizens. Suddenly, Saudi Arabia sees the error of their ways and holds free elections! I think there's now a waiting list for other countries who want our assistance in going democratic.

Okay, so if you were anti-war from the start, are you ready to take on ALL of those arguments? The answer is no, you peacenik. Team BushCheney is able to cover up their true intent with plenty of BS that you don't have the time to refute. They keep pumping out more as needed.

It sounds cliche to say, but I think people might be catching on. Just 6 years later than some of us. We owe this to the Administration's earlier attempts to see Iraq through rose-colored lenses, and the complete incompetence during and after Katrina. In my opinion, even that has been swept under the rug somewhat. The official body count stands at 1: "Brownie". Not that I could stomach to hear the number in the first place anyway.

So what's the problem then? Well, I don't really know, I'm just a blogger. But I can offer opinions. Word of warning: all my opinions, when undiluted, can make me sound like an arrogant prick. While I am, for the most part, an arrogant prick, I am also right 100 percent of the time. The bottom line is this:

People don't know what to believe. Seriously, can we have an "Applied History/Geopolitics/The Way the World Works" course in high schools? I don't care what angle you come from: realist, idealism, marxist. I think having a basic understanding of this stuff is essential to maintaining democracy in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

But that's a rant for another time. The rant here relates to the attorney firings. What does the administration say? The firings were related to "policy, priorities, and management". WTF does that mean?? Oh, wait, I remember this from Iraq, it's a COMPLETELY VAGUE TRUTH. I certainly do not have the skills or time to figure out what this means, let alone initiate a public discourse and crash-course-vocab on the subject, let alone refute such nonsense.

And the whole "changing the story" thing the administration does? Same idea. They don't get called "flip-floppers" or "wafflers" or whatever it is you call people who rationally change their mind to integrate new events and ideas. They just have "hazy memories", according to Tony Snow. Oh, cool. At least they're not changing their minds, they're just too fucked up on drugs to remember what they were doing? Power is still classified as a drug, right? Great.

Anyway, I'm hungry and in serious need of some lunch, else I could probably ramble for another several thousand words. I'll just bottle it up for now.

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