Monday, January 22, 2007

Damn it's cold

Normally after a pseudo-vacation, I'd be in a good mood. Today, I am not. Don't get me wrong, San Diego was awesome - great people, great weather, great times, etc. Los Angeles, on the other hand, I'm not so much a fan of.

So I'm going to vent, because I'll feel so much better afterwards. First thing: I changed my seat online about 7 hours before I got on the plane. I went from being potentially scrunched between two people to a window seat, with no one directly next to me even. Score one for anton!

Wrong. The seat I moved out of was next to this gorgeous redhead, and the seat I moved into was next to a 16-month-old and her mother. I have no idea where babies get their energy from, but if you could have bottled and sold this kid's energy, we could end our dependence on foreign energy sources. Fortunately, the baby was asleep around the two-hour mark of the flight. Of course, this was after our already-late plane was forced to go back to the gate after taxiing to the runway, to pick up more people. So we took off roughly an hour late (and I also had no idea about what was happening in the football game - apparently I missed a good 'un).

The mom did her best to keep the baby occupied and happy, so that was fine. And, yes, the baby was absolutely adorable. But still, it was a little much to handle at times - when the baby finally did fall asleep, I couldn't turn on my reading light, for fear of waking the baby and endangering my own existence due to the potential wrath of other passengers. If I hadn't remembered to pack my headphones and mp3 player, I might have gone nuts.

When we finally got to MSP, I had a cool cab driver. I'm always curious to get reactions from Somali cabbies on the situation over there. This guy had lived in the states for 14 years, and seemed to know what he was talking about (or at the very least, only confirmed many of the things that I had been thinking). We discussed the situation, and drew some comparisons to what was going on in Afghanistan (rampant warlords = anarchy, and that any government is better than none, which is precisely 180 degrees apart from how I viewed governments in high school!). For the second time this month, I completely overtipped a cabbie based on the fact that the money was being sent elsewhere.

Oh yeah, the other thing that pissed me off was that my house was a fucking MESS when I got home at 2:00 a.m. this morning. Beer bottles and cans everywhere, decks of playing cards everywhere, whoever slept in my bed (totally fine) did NOT make it (not fucking cool), and left a bunch of junk in my room. I don't normally swear on my blog (sorry, blog-gods), so you know that I'm not thrilled about the general state of my house. I know how "busy" my roommates are, and that picking up after themselves cuts way too much into makin' music time, but seriously it's ridiculous (and yes, I am capable of making a mess too, but not like this). The kitchen looked decent, so there's an indication that Luke is still sane. I'll write about less personal stuff soon. END OF RANT.

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