Monday, February 27, 2006

Blog! You're still here!

That's great news! I figured you ran off with someone else.

Well, I don't really have much to say, but I thought I'd point out a couple of "new" sites. Okay, they're not really new, more like, re-discovered. Without further ado, b3ta and Something Awful! SA features new stuff on their front page every day (though of course you can go through the archives). And b3ta has more of a rotating front page more dependent on the community. Be sure to dig around both, especially Beta's question of the week and challenge.

Also, I saw Why We Fight last night. The jury is still out. It's definitely WAY too ambitious and covers too many different things without enough depth. It also doesn't really tie concepts together like a good political movie should do, but just bounces from one thing to the next. But maybe that was the point, to just show these different aspects of war to people and hope they put them together. People enlist in the army because they're poor and have no other option? O RLY? Think tanks formulate policy, not politicians? I don't know, but much of this stuff is common knowledge to me, but maybe it isn't to everyone. I still prefer the Fog of War over this anyday.

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