Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The future of the blog

Ah, a new year. Nothing like it. For those who don't live in MN, it's freakin' RAINING here in January. Not snowing. Raining.

Anyway, so my new year's was pretty good, nothing too crazy to report. I'll try to link to some pictures once I get off my duff and post them to flickr.

For those who haven't noticed, I've been slowing down on my bloggy goodness as of late - my new job doesn't quite give me the same amount of down/slow time that my old one did (which isn't good for my faithful readers, but I'm quite happy about it, thanks). I also haven't read slashdot or digg or boingboing or fark in about a month, so I don't have any sweet links to post. I like having a blog and all, but I can't say 2006 will be the frenzy of semi-daily posting that 2005 was.

More likely, I'll still post a few times a month, and it will hopefully be more of my own writing than just linking to other folks.

But as one final fun link, uhhhh...who else loves Walker, Texas Ranger?

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