Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Music

Okay, so I've once again gone off on a "new music" cycle and thought I'd share with you, my adoring (and adorable!) readers.

First of all, you really should check out Basementality by Booka B. Slug's on a track, so even your girlfriend will like it. Anyhow, it's better than most of what's passing for hip-hop these days. I can't really find a good link to where to buy it online, but they might carry it here.

The new DJ Kicks by Annie is pretty eclectic, and good. Lots of interesting stuff - I didn't dig it all that much on the first listen, but I sorta got into it later. It's better than this pitchfork review says it is.

Of course, the Wolf Parade record is pretty sweet, as is the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (though their name is...lacking, at best). I won't go into depth - these online reviewers are much better at fawning over the new indier-than-thou bands than I am...

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