Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Economics stuff

Okay, three posts in one day is a little abnormal, but sometimes, I'm just feelin' it, you know? That, and I forgot a lunch today, so I will fill my nutritional quota with bloggy goodness (and a healthy dose of Mountain Dew).

Oh, and don't forget to VOTE today, fools!

The Economist has published a survey on microfinance, which ties in nicely to the book I've been reading by Hernando de Soto. The book is about (so far) why capitalism doesn't work in developing countries, and de Soto's answer is that they do not have the legal infrastructure in place to convert assets (buildings and the like) into capital (though it's difficult to boil down an entire book into one sentence, that's what I just did). I'm about 60 pages into it, and while it's not a page-turner, it is an interesting perspective and a big difference from the other economists/authors that I read (Stiglitz, Sachs, etc.)

Oh, and another book I've already reserved at the library is The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth. You can check it out after I do. Be sure to read that review, it's by Joey Stiglitz and is part review, part op-ed, but all good, baby.

Oh, and the PBS special on Commanding Heights is almost done, but I think you can watch it online. This is a wonderful series about globalization, featuring interviews with Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, some good economists, etc. I've heard there is lots of other online-only content for this, which I'm definitely looking into later.

EDIT: And I completely overlooked the fact that there's a new First Monday!

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