Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In case you missed it...

This story was on's front page last night, but it apparently isn't newsworthy enough to stay there today:
QUINCY, Massachusetts (AP) -- Thousands of low-income Massachusetts residents will receive discounted home heating oil this winter under an agreement signed Tuesday with Venezuela.
Not only that, but here's an even better one:
"We'll start with a few groups, then expand it throughout the winter," Serrano said. Homeowners aren't the only ones eligible: Even schools in low-income areas could apply for the program.

In his interview with me two months ago, Chavez vowed to set aside 10% of all the oil that CITGO refineries produce for his oil-for-the-poor program.

His government is already directing hundreds of millions of dollars from its windfall petroleum profits to expand social programs for Venezuela's own poor, and it has begun providing cheap oil to more than a dozen poor Caribbean nations.
10 percent of all Citgo's oil will go to the poor at below-market prices? When will these godless communists learn? I wonder what would happen if U.S. oil companies did something similar...oh, that's right, our economy would completely implode, or so the fear-mongering rationale goes...

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