Friday, July 15, 2005


It's friday, and you know what that means...well, actually, I don't even know what it means. What I do know is this weekend kicks off the Aquatennial festivities. Which means I get to watch tennis downtown for 10 straight days (on the corner of 5th and 2nd), and it means some dude named Howie Day has his image plastered everywhere you look. Who is that guy, anyway? Well, his website makes me think he got kicked out of an emo band, but he's probably just another singer-songwriter...anyway, here's the full schedule of events.

Anyway, I don't have too much to write, but I feel guilty when my blog says my last post was on Tuesday. Not cool. But I feel like its a cop-out when I don't link to something at least marginally interesting, so here it is...I'll try to post more today once I find something cool.

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