Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Photo mosaics and more!

Hi kids, happy wednesday! I've got a lot to link to, but not too much to say, so I'll let you click on some things and enjoy them...

First up is a cool photo mosaic of Van Gogh's Starry Night. You can even zoom in to the point of being able to see each and every picture...very cool.

If you're into Pokemon (and I know you are), and you're also into philosophy (granted, the two may be mutually exclusive), you really should check out what happens when these worlds collide.

And, here's a handy search tool that allows you to search google video for only results that can be played back via the Google Video Player (Google's search turns up tons of TV listings, not direct video links).

Also, be sure to check out this story...when hipsters and nerds clash:
Right, so there are a colony of nerdy D&D-playing medeivalists who gather in Mount Royal Park every Sunday to run around screaming and slapping each with swords made of duct-taped iron bars and shields made out of the lids of recycling bins. Shit, there are even dudes with nerf arrows, flails, battle axes and big fuckin’ hammers. One guy had on an entire suit of chain mail armor.

Anyway, a cabal of local hipsters decided that this Sunday was going to be different. This Sunday, the hipsters were going to dress up like zombies and come marching out of the woods to engage the nerds in glorious battle. We were there to witness and record the hilarity that ensued

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