Friday, July 08, 2005


That's right, it's friday! Anyway, here's a link to Minneapolis National Night Out page...colfax is gonna have the most rockin' block party this year, it won't even be funny. That is, once we get the permit, of course. If we don't get the permit, then the party will be near the burning barrels and overturned squad cars which will be our barriers. And we're going to have a Thunderdome. "Two men enter. One man leave!"

Well, it's time for me to do some housekeeping. As usual, I have plenty of stuff piled up in my RSS feed aggregator that I haven't had time to check out, so I'm leaving this completely up to you. Here's a boingboing article about the Brazilian rap scene, complete with mp3s, here's a quicktime movie of people rearranging letters on signs, here's a link to another DJ to get plugged on boingboing, and here's a nice summary of everything that's wrong with copyright law.

Moving on to MAKE blog's favorites, we have: how to brew your own cold-press coffee, and a good overview of nuclear power. Also, you can watch Ed Wood's movie Plan 9 from Outer Space for free...and last (but definitely not least) are links to a collection of articles regarding climate change in Africa...interesting reading if you're willing to dig around...

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