Thursday, June 09, 2005

Patriot Act expanded - we're finally safe!!!

Thank god most Americans were complacent enough to go about their business after 9/11 - not caring about politics - long enough to let our politicans have the power to walk all over us:
Forget scaling back the Patriot Act.

Instead, the controversial post-9/11 law would be expanded to give the FBI new powers to demand documents from companies without a judge's approval, according to a vote late Tuesday by the Senate Intelligence committee.

The final text of the Senate Intelligence committee's amendments was not immediately available (here's a draft dated last month), and reporters were barred from the secret session during which the vote was held.
Good - if we've learned one thing from Watergate, it's that journalists only get in the way of official business. Purely coincidental that the White House puts out press releases for newspapers (and makes 'news videos' at taxpayers expense) to copy verbatim, at the same time said newspapers are slashing budgets.

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