Friday, November 05, 2004

More tinfoil, and an ever-weakening dollar

One of the posters over at dKos has explained the situtation over in Ohio and Florida...the problem, as was documented even before the election, is that these voting machines that are used in heavily Democratic areas, are prone to fudging results. Read the Kos article - it's quite good...

UPDATE: The Columbus Dispatch appears to be the first to break the story on e-voting problems in Franklin county...638 ballots cast, 4,258 votes for Bush.

Stolen from Atrios, who has quit the blogging game until the weekend...the Washington Post has an analysis of the continuing decline of the dollar against major trading partners. It's easy-to-read (for an economics piece), but fails to mention that one of the "positive" things about a weak dollar is that it keeps foreign goods out, which is good for domestic employment (also, new unemployment numbers today). But it's little more than old-school protectionism.

Of course, the reason behind yesterday's record-low is likely the things dubya said about "simplification" of the tax code and an "overhaul" of Social Security. If you've been paying attention at all for the past four years, you know that both those words mean, "fuck these programs up beyond your wildest fears"

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