Sunday, November 07, 2004

Financial whatnot, Ohio voting footage

So Atrios is back from vacation, and found this story from the Financial Times, which signals a Chinese selloff of U.S. dollars, which will drive the dollar even lower than it already is. And maybe the Chinese know a thing or two about investing in other Asian economies, since they will also likely benefit from China's projected rapid growth:
China, which has $515bn of reserves, was also said to be selling dollars and buying Asian currencies in readiness to switch the renminbi's dollar peg to a basket arrangement, something Chinese officials have increasingly hinted at. Any re-allocation could push the dollar sharply lower and Treasury yields markedly higher.

Also, the Kossacks have come up with a plea to George Soros (or anyone with billions sitting around) to purchase Diebold and the rest of the e-voting companies. It would probably be quite a chunk of change, as Diebold has made plenty of money in the ATM business, among other things.

And I'm still downloading it right now, but has links to a video taken at an Ohio polling place...okay, so the video is...well, not quite as much raw-footage as I was hoping for. It's semi-slick (there's a freakin' soundtrack in the background), but I guess that's what they were going for. I'd check out Mr. Moore's site for more footage possibly coming out soon...

EDIT: also on moore's site is more evidence of computerized voter fraud...

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