Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Okay, okay...

So yeah, I've been really busy the past couple of days, and I've got one more mid-term I'll make this a massive post just to do some more catch-up.

But first, a criticism for all my loyal readers. STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER. IT IS EVIL. use the bestest browser ever in Firefox...not only has firefox never crashed on me, but it also makes browsing much easier with tabs, and it's easier to customize. The open source community is also taking out a full-page ad in the NYTimes, so you should donate to the cause.

Everyone favorite state, Florida, appears to be having problems with the whole e-voting thing. Anyone surprised? I thought not...naturally, some are quick to blame 'user error'. Seriously,'s not like everyone out there knows how to operate a computer - they're not that intuitive...will someone please remind me - why is this better than leaving a paper trail?

Here's a site of Nader supporters who are backing Kerry, but demanding to be sure to sign the petition, because lefties like me are going to be breathing down President Kerry's neck once he's in office. Hold Preznit Kerry accountable!

Also, Sinclair Broadcasting will not be airing Stolen Honor, the anti-Kerry 'documentary'. A quote:
At approximately 4 p.m., Sinclair representatives faxed Glickenhaus a statement declaring that Sinclair Broadcast Group will not be airing Stolen Honor in its entirety, but will instead air a "news special" to be "produced with the highest journalistic standards and integrity."

The highest journalistic standards and integrity?? Puh-leeze! Also, Media Matters is underwriting a Sinclair shareholders lawsuit, after the company has lost around 100 million dollars in value over the past week or so.

EDIT: I'm also slowly climbing the Google rankings...


Anonymous said...

Hope all is going well with your schoolin' and junk. Work is lame but I am the king of ennui and can't or won't just get off my ass and find something better. Oh, well. No, Jon Stewart/Crossfire shit? You slippin' boy. Kidding. I just got the Daily show America book and Mr. Stewart's Naked pictures of famous people book for my b-day. Yeah, me.

Just a quick note cause you were whining and I'm sure you were encouraging discussion rather than pleasantries.

antonymous said...

Yeah, I decided to skip the whole Jon Stewart/Crossfire's already been posted about on every single blog known to the internet. There's also a cool piece in the NYTimes from the teevee columnist about it...if I wasn't so lazy, I'd even give you the link. I downloaded the entire thing and I've watched it a couple times already...good stuff.

Oh, and I also just recently got cable, so I got to see his first show after doing that...also, quite good stuff...I missed that show more than I thought I did. How's the book? I haven't even looked at a copy yet so I don't really know what it's all about. Should I get it?

Anyway, hope things are still rockin' over there in Chi-town, hopefully you can find a better job soon, but getting any job at all is kinda tough right now...cheers!