Friday, October 08, 2004

media coverage of Sudan, segues into political rant

EDIT: MY FIRST DOUBLE-POST!! I've finally made it as a blogger! Even though the top one is kinda retyped, I'll leave them both up, just for fun...

So right after I finish typing five entire paragraphs on Sudan, stupid Blogger screws up and erases them all...*sigh*...unfortunately for my oh-so-loyal readers, this second draft won't quite have the venom of the first, but anyway...

It all started when I read an article posted on the American Prospect, about the lack of media coverage in Sudan. It makes me think back to the documentary on PBS regarding the genocide in Rwanda. From a historical perspective, the Rwandan genocide was the worst blemish on President Clinton's record, and demonstrates the breakdown of supranational organizations (such as the U.N., and the international negligence of NGOs).

So hundreds of thousands die in Rwanda while our government stands idly by. Does the death of 100,000+ in Sudan even register as a blip on BushCo's radar at the moment? Of course not. There are more troubling issues, like how to make tax cuts for those who make over $200,000 permanent. Oh yeah, and there's this whole election thing which a few of you may have heard about. Bush is running AGAIN, can you believe it?

So why isn't this issue being brought up either via the media, or on the debates? Is our military already spread too thin? No domestic support for these stories? We only want feel-good news, or 'America's problems', not new issues. I guess the consensus is that there are already enough issues on the table for both candidates. Neither candidate wants to 'lose touch' with the American voter, and this issue, granted, would amount to candidates yapping about something that isn't a daily reality for many voters.

I'm actually surprised that the Dems have been able to keep it to the economy and the war on Iraq...I would've guessed the Republicans could turn the issue to something REALLY important, like how "French" JK looks, or maybe how Bush is the only candidate with that oh-so-elusive "resolve."

One other thing that pisses me off about this is the lack of knowledge about ANY part of the world that isn't in North America. I mean, remember September 11? When the world more or less declared their support for America after we lost close to 3,000 of our own? At least America is one of the few countries that can fend for itself against any enemy...the entire reason a genocide occurs is because some people do not have the protection against atrocities committed by their government, or on behalf of the government. Have we no support for those who cannot defend themselves?

Ugh...this second draft is SO much weaker than the first, I can't even continue...I tried to recreate the venom, but it just isn't working...quitting for now.


Anonymous said...

As an oh-so-loyal reader, I felt a little venom. I think it's irritating my eye. Frankly, I am better informed since leeching my info off of your blog. I don't mind a little ocular pain in the name of

Hope your weekend is good and not shitty. Enjoy the debates tonight. And for God's sake man come and visit. We will get ripped and catch a show.



antonymous said...

Well, I tried to spike it with venom, but the second effort just didn't quite have it going on. Yeah, I'll be flipping back and forth between the debates and baseball tonight...even though I could watch Michael Moore do live commentary on the debates down on campus. I'd rather just kick it with a couple beers instead, it's not as if he's going to say anything I wouldn't expect him to say.

Oh, and tommorrow, I'm actually GOING to the Twins game! Woohoo for Johan Santana!

as one of my few loyal readers, I'd like to display my support by trying to save some money so I can make a trip down to Chi-town...maybe over winter break? Maybe i should put up more ads on my blog to pay for it, or something...a paypal donation click-through ad?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate any effort to visit.

So, ah... how 'bout them Twins? Bummer.

Hope yer weekend didn't end in bleeding. Unless you wanted it to. I kind of had to qualify that because next weekend I probably will bleed a little. For my birthday I'm gonna give myself
(well, get) either another tattoo or a Madison. I have a tattoo on my inner forearm by my wrist. When I got it, I said I have to wait until October to get another. Here is Oct and I'm torn. Tattoo or Madison (a piercing at the bottom of the neck above the sternum). I'd have to design the tat and figure out where to put it, but the Madison may be less socially acceptable. Everyone asks me why I want one and I can't really say other than I like it and it's different. You're a man of the world. Seen a Madison and what are your views on surface peircing as a whole.



antonymous said...

Dude, the people who I've know who are really into piercings have tended to be...well...a little nuts. Not all of them are, mind you, but a few. I'd stay the "conservative" course and just get a tattoo. Me? my body is a freaking TEMPLE! sXe 4 LIFE! just kidding, I'm not straight-edge. uhm, okay that's all I have time to write. woohoo.