Monday, October 11, 2004

Decline of the GOP

The Washington Monthly has an article to give inspiration to all of us: the coming decline of the GOP. I found myself nodding in agreement quite a bit, which is one of the criteria articles must pass in order to be added to my esteemed weblog.

The way that I feel about the entire Bush/GOP thing is that it HAS become somewhat of a good ol' boys network, you know, the favors-for-favors kind of stuff. But let's not pretend like it doesn't happen with the Democrats as well. It's just a part of politics. The problem arises when someone who is out of the mainstream (like McCain used to be) suddenly gains some popularity. Instead of embracing McCain, the GOP (guided by BushCo) sets out to smear a member of their own party (during the 2000 primaries).

I mean, Bush could have actually listened to what McCain was running on, and simply co-opted it, but cutting government spending and reducing favors for big business is simply not the way that the BushGOP runs things. If the GOP had true conservative leadership, they would have realized that tax breaks for businesses really goes against a core part of their philosophy. Instead the GOP has party hacks who have ZERO moral/political clout outside of Washington, and they're running the show. Remember, Americans hate politics because of stuff like this. Enough already!

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