Monday, September 13, 2004

Scotty McClellan - hardest working man in showbiz, Third World debt

Although hilarity ensues at nearly every single presidential press conference, for some reason today's struck's about North Korea and the assault weapons ban.

Also, the Guardian gets linked to again today for carrying a good piece on why the debt of the Third World needs to become a real issue. The ideas in this article sound okay, but I hope the author's book goes a little more in-depth. The problem that I see with most every "Third World debt" article I read is that it's written from a lefty point of view and completely excludes lenders who have issues with not being able to get a return on their investment. I mean, what would this mean for the future of investment in the Third World? Would investors feel comfortable in that environment? My guess (and hope) is that money would continue to flow into Less Developed Countriess, but projects would be more carefully scrutinized...

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