Friday, September 10, 2004

Document controversy, bookies

I'm not going to link to ANY of this garbage regarding Bush's alleged service in the National Guard, how he got there, blahblahblah...I thought we had cleared this up months, if not years ago. Let's face it: Bush got preferential treatment, didn't go to Vietnam, and pulled some strings to get out of that particular service. There are many people who, given the same opportunities, would have done the exact same thing. Unfortunately, not ALL of our daddies can hold positions of power and influence. The main thing that pisses me off today is that this is the ONLY story being picked up by, so now I've got to actually dig to find interesting articles...hopefully I'll be able to find some stuff soon...

On second thought, I'll give James Lileks an oh-so-prestigious spot on the blog...his take on the whole thing is about halfway down the page.

Oh, and Krugman writes about Bushco's cooking of the books...

p.s. I got internet access at home now!

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