Friday, August 27, 2004

Trial lawyers on the defensive

I found this interesting article on the American talks about an upcoming smear campaign by the right-wing against trial lawyers (such as future veep John Edwards). Short, and a good read...

Not only that, but from the same webzine I found an article on Dole,whom I was just reminiscing about a couple of days ago. As usual, someone else has taken my thoughts and put them into eloquent words:

I've sort of grown to like Bob Dole over the years, mostly because he's shown himself to be a genuinely funny guy, able to move beyond the sort of faux-earnest self-righteousness of the practicing politician ever since he lost the presidential race. That, combined with his age (81) and the fact that he was missing from the scene during the impeachment fracas of 1998, was enough to make me nostalgic for the guy. He seemed like the last of the old-school, pre-Gingrich Republicans.

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