Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mostly linky with a smattering of original content

Hey, did you know that an asteroid came within 10K miles of Earth last week? Yeah, neither did anyone else, until a mere 15 hours before it grazed past us.

Here's a quick rundown of the history of the internet.

The Website is Down (home of Sales Guy vs. Web Dude) now has 4 videos up. I haven't watched the latest two yet, but the first two are pee-yer-pants funny, especially if you're in IT.

Courtesy of Lifehacker - homemade remedies, how to make a moss terrarium, how to make a bottle-cap table, and a new TV streaming service called Clicker.

40 Hilarious Print Ads.

Youtube links: Bulls-Knicks, '92. Part of me wishes they still played hoops this way - players were allowed to be physical, but I'm not sure Kobe would sell as many tickets if he was injured for most of the season. I don't think we'll ever find another badass like Charles Oakley. I just ordered the new Simmons book (and several otherbooks - yikes), and am ecstatic about devouring 700+ pages of pure basketball.

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