Thursday, February 12, 2009

Revealed: THINGS

First off, I'm totally pissed that I missed the Powderhorn Art Sled Rally. I don't know what I was thinking, but it will never happen again. I would have liked to see a picture of that 20-sided die roll down the hill, but I can't find one.

Second - thank goodness we can finally get some closure on the incident that rocked the sports world this week. That's right, EIGHT PEOPLE have been arrested in the Michael Phelps pot-smoking "case". EIGHT PEOPLE!!! From a house party in November! It's not like a couple of baseball MVPs took steroids and then lied about it or anything - Phelps is a role model! And not to go all Woody Harrelson on you, but here's some interesting stuff on hemp.

Banks are trying to flex and go rogue so they can fail even more spectacularly - though at least their CEOs could be "properly" compensated if they gave the bailout money back.

It's one louder. This one goes to 11.

25 years ago, Irving Louis Horowitz wrote an article for the Virigina Quarterly Review called Printed Words, Computers, and Democratic Societies. I've only read the first half so far, but it's pretty amazing to see someone get the future like he does. VQR just opened their archives through 2003, and had a post with links to some interesting articles.

Yearbook photos of U.S. politicians.

Old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.

A tribute to fallen sodas.

I've got a couple more links, but I don't want to bury them here - look for a new post later today or tomorrow.

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