Friday, December 05, 2008

Fry Day Link Day

Some cool things happened overnight. Google Reader got a facelift. And at the Googleblog, they've got a list of blogs that some of the engineers read - good stuff. Unfortunately, there are no descriptions for these blogs, so I'm going to tackle them myself:

Cute Overload is, well, pictures of cute things, like kittens and caterpillars. meh. I prefer my cute kittens captioned anyway.

Design Milk is focused on design rather than milk. Fun to scroll through the pictures for about 30 seconds. Maybe you'd get more out of it if you designed things for a living.

Dinosaur Comics is drawings of talking dinosaurs. It has lots of words, and is often very funny if you enjoy reading and comprehending words.

Jake and Amir are those two guys from It's a bunch of videos of them doing stuff. I haven't watched it, but on a related note, Prank Wars is kinda funny.

Just Bento is all about those little cute Japanese box lunch things. Yep.

La Tartine Gourmande is a gourmet food blog with pretty pictures of food and it looks positively wholesome.

Make Magazine is the greatest magazine ever for geeks and tinkerers. You should check out their "under $20" electronics gift guide, which includes instructions and materials for DIY projects like a USB charger in an altoids tin, a persistence-of-vision kit (you wave it in the air and it spells words), and more. Awxsome.

Popsugar is one of those blogs that's just like TMZ or Perez Hilton or crap like that. OMG, Jennifer Aniston smiled at John Mayer!!!!!1!!

Rock Paper Shotgun is all about video games. It's pretty well-respected by those tho enjoy reading things about video games. If you care about the problems that the PC version of GTA4 is having (of course it's related to their buggy anti-piracy software and their xmas push), I recommend it.

The Big Picture is stories in pictures. The pictures are great, and it appears to update fairly frequently. Bonus usability points awarded for being able to scroll through pictures rather than clicking through one by one.

The Kitchn is a hodgepodge of food and kitchen-related tips. Looks nice, but aimed at a much nicer kitchen than mine.

ThinkGeek is a store with cool gifts for geeks. T-shirts with dorky sayings, weird office supplies, and Princess Leia posters all at one site.

Web Urbanist is, well, art-related. Maybe I'd call it a lifestyle blog. Definitely niche. I'll be spending some time here, I'm sure. I can't really describe it, but I hope it becomes one of my favorites.

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