Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ain't been postin'

cuz I been readin'!  Thanks to the suggestion of a certain user, metafilter (and Ask Metafilter) now have pagination on their all-time favorites pages.  What does this mean to you, consumer of the intarblag?  Well, you can go here, read the hive-mind's answers to some good questions, then go on to a SECOND page of questions and answers!  And a THIRD!  Answers to all your burning questions, like What's the best cheese combo for grilled cheese sandwiches, most interesting thing you can buy for $30 - $50, how to build a fort in your bedroom, and a pile of trivia/word games.

Same functionality goes for the general mefi alltime favorites.  Awxsome.

Other random things singled out for linkage - a blog dedicated to pictures of Barack holding babies, links to music videos I'm going to watch later (yee a-ha), the latest This American Life episode on the credit crisis

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